UPDATED  22 April 2021

'On30'  Sandy River Railcar

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Sandy River Model T Ford Railcar from N Brass parts



Sandy River Model T Ford Railcar

Model T Ford Railcar as used by the Sandy River Railroad, one of the distinct Maine two foot narrow gauge Railroads.

Use the On30 Railcar Chassis and a Matchbox Yesteryear Model T Ford (not included) to create a Maine two foot Sandy River and Rangley Lakes Railcar.  Can be used with other diecast bodies to create a freelance Railcar for On30 or O16.5.

The above picture shows an assembled etched chassis with a Yesteryear Model T body (not included in kit).  The chassis can be built as a rolling chassis or a powered chassis (additional parts needed).

The etched nickel silver chassis comes with wheels and bearings to make a rolling chassis.  To complete needs solder/adhesive and paint.

The chassis can be powered by replacing the rear wheels with Romford wheels, and mounting a motor and gearbox (not inc.).  We normally keep a motorising pack in stock.  For details of suitable parts, email N Brass or Branchlines of Westbury.






Freelance O16.5 rail truck

Above the chassis is shown with a Matchbox Yesteryear Model T body (not in kit) to make a Maine 2 foot Sandy River and Rangley Lakes Railcar.  On the left the chassis is used with a Daysgone body for a freelance Railcar.  We can supply a variety of bodies from stock.





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