UPDATED  22 April 2021

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Steeple Cab 0-4-0 kit for O gauge

7411  Steeple Cab Loco kit.

Steeple cabs with their distinctive body shape were mainly built as electric locos collecting power from overhead wires, many also had batteries allowing them to leave the wires behind for short periods.  Some were built as, or in later life converted to battery locomotives and a few were built with a diesel mechanical drive.  Kit can be built with trolley poles (dummy or without).

Kit price 95.00, motor pack 70.00, p&p 4.00.

To complete needs - wheels, motor,  gearbox, gears, pickups paint and transfers.

Options to motorise are 3' 7" coach wheels (Slater's) and a 4mm motor and gearbox or 3' 7" diesel wheels (Slater's) and a 7mm motor and gearbox.  


A brief guide through the assembly of the Steeple Cab kit.  Click on pictures to enlarge them.

O gauge Steeple Cab chassis

O gauge Steeple Cab chassis

O Steeple Cab footplate assembly

Chassis assembled.

Chassis, showing spacer for pickup plate.

Footplate, start of assembly.  Nearest solebar not riveted to represent welded construction.

O Steeple cab, footplate on chassis.

O Steeple Cab, footplate upside down

Steeple cab brakes assembled

Footplate, resting on chassis.

Bracket on top of footplate not included in kit, found unnecessary.

Footplate, upside down.


O Steeple Cab, side and cab ends,

O Steeple Cab, body side O Steeple Cab end view

One body side and both cab ends in place.


Motor and gearbox go this end of chassis and footplate.

O Steeple cab assembling doors

Steeple cab with bonnett tops in place  

Door, two sides have packing between them to create gap for glazing.

Bonnett tops and door in place.





For 'O' narrow gauge see O16.5 On30

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