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Side Tipping wagon wood built OO9


N Brass wood tipper for OO9



Narrow gauge side tipping wagon for OO9

Side tipping wagons were common on narrow gauge railways around the country for the transport of all types of material from a quarry to a proccessing plant.  They moved clay and chalk in the South East, iron ore in the East Midlands and granite, clay and limestone in many places.  Side tippers were roughly treated, loads were wet and heavy dumped in with anything from a shovel to a bucket loader or dropped from a hopper. Being rough sawn wood they were easy to repair or even rebuild completely.  Undo a few bolts and a plank could be replaced, undo all the bolts and the metal strapping and axleboxes could be used on a new body.

This wagon is based on photographs of side tipping wagons used in Hendre quarry above the Glyn Valley Tramway.  They carried granite to the crushing plant, from where it was moved to the Tarmacadam plant.   The Glyn Valley used a few of these tippers to move ballast along the line.

This tipper kit (4964) comes with wheels.  To complete needs couplings, adhesive/solder and paint.






Wood tipper for OO9



Wood tipper for OO9





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