UPDATED  22 April 2021

'OO' Yard Tower

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25 kV OHLE supports and fittings in OO

25 kV OHLE supports and fittings in OO

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Yard Lighting Tower in OO.  Ideal for engine sheds, diesel depots, coach sidings and yards inside the railway fence.  Large works yards and scrap yards outside the railway fence.  A similar kit is available in N gauge.

NEW OO Yard Lamp


Yard Lighting Tower in OO.

This kit for OO is a 50 foot high yard lighting tower, etched in brass.  Found in depots and yards these lighting towers lit the tracks enabling the railway to work through the night.

The kit will make either

a yard light with a round platform and ladder with cage outside of the tower (as in photograph)

or  a yard light with a square platform and ladder inside the tower.

The tower for the lamp is a one piece etch which folds up around a 10mm square former.  Parts have tab and slot location ensuring positive and correct positioning.


Kit 4731 Lighting Tower, with flat tower.

Kit 4732 Lighting Tower, tower pre formed.

4733 Former to bend tower, 10mm square aluminum.

We strongly encourage the use of the former to bend the tower.  Former can be reused.

Kits requires solder and paint to complete. Lights are dummy.


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