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Lady Margaret 2-4-0T OO gauge


Lady Margaret 2-4-0t as GWR rebuilt

Photographs are of an O gauge model



Lady Margaret 2-4-0T Great Western Railway No 1308 Kit 4401

The Andrew Barclay 2-4-0T as rebuilt by the Great Western Railway in 1929.  Following this rebuild the engine worked on the Culm Valley Railway for a while and then went to Oswestry to work on the Tanet Valley Railway.  It was withdrawn in 1948.

Kit is etched brass and nickel silver with lost wax and whitemetal fittings.  It includes a photograph of the prototype, name and number plates, handrail knobs.  Kit includes options for building for EM or S4.  To complete needs motor, gearbox and gears, wheels, pick ups, adhesive/solder paint and transfers.  






Lady Margaret 1308 4mm kit OO



Driver, fireman and lamps are not included in the kit.






Lady Margaret loco kit





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