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UPDATED  8 April 2020

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N Brass Bogie fitted to a Farish Castle


N Brass loco bogie fitted to a Farish Castle 4-6-0



Great Western Loco bogie for all GW/BR 4-6-0 locos (except King and County)

These bogies have correct diameter wheels (6.2mm/3ft) with see through spokes and blackened rims.  The etch has correct profile frames and is designed for ease of assembly, wheels are not removed from axles during assembly.

The photographs show a Great Western bogie fitted to a Farish Castle 4-6-0.  Also fitted are vacuum pipe (23058), coupling hook (23076) and screwlink coupling (23251).

Replacement bogies can be fitted to proprietary, kit built or scratchbuilt locos.  If fitted to proprietary locos care needs to be taken,  the correct diameter wheels can foul the underneath of the footplate and/or the inside of the cylinders.  Some removal of material may be necessary.  Locos fitted with these bogies may not be able to negotiate 9inch radius curves.

Kit needs solder and paint to complete.


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N Brass bogie fitted to a Farish Castle





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