UPDATED  22 April 2021

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How the prototype does things


The prototype is never as neat and tidy as we think it would be.  This page is a collection of pictures and notes on how the prototype makes use of full size versions of N Brass kits.



Palisade fencing, prototype arrangement one



Palisade Fencing

One of the many fence/gate arrangements at the Local Civic Amenities Site.  From the left, 8 foot palisade fencing, then a pair of 6 foot palisade gates for vehicle access these have been increased in height by bolting 3 foot fencing to the top of them, next a 6 foot pedestrian gate with short lengths of palisade uprights to stop people climbing over them, finally back to the 8 foot palisade fencing.  Helpfully gates are green.



Hoop top railings and guard rails as arranged by the prototype



Hoop Top Railings and Tubular Guard Rails

At the local canal marina the moorings are being protected by tubular guard rails with 3 foot hoop top railing gates giving access onto the boats.







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