UPDATED  29 June 2022

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Loco Kits in N

GWR loco and coach fittings in N

GWR loco and coach fittings in N

Southern Railway loco fittings in N

LMS pre-group fittings in N

LMS fittings in N

LNER pre-group fittings in N

LNER fittings in N

BR loco fittings, general loco fittings, coach and wagon fittings.

Precursor Model Railway parts

Coach and wagon parts N Gauge

Bridges Fencing Windows N gauge

Station Posters Yard and Crane kits N gauge

Road Trams Narrow Gauge kits N gauge

Signals Trespass Transformers N gauge

Modern image kits in N

25 kV catenary supports and fittings in N

Rolling road for N gauge

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buy 6 get 1 free loco part

GWR loco and coach fittings in N

Buy any six cast brass and/or etched fittings from our "All Parts" page and get the lowest priced fitting free.

Buy any twelve and get the two lowest priced fittings free.

GWR loco and coach fittings in N

T&Cs. Offer valid from 23 May 2022 to 31 July 2022. Items must be in stock to qualify. Eligible items are brass castings (most are painted bauxite) and etches on our "All Parts" page. Bogie kits with wheels, 3D prints, chain, gears and turned brass fittings are not eligible.




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