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GWR loco and coach fittings in N

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LMS fittings in N

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Lattice Foot Bridge 2 track N gauge

Steps from over bridge to platform N gauge

Lattice Foot Bridge across a cutting N gauge

22600  Lattice footbridge 2 track, platform mounted. Span between legs 60mm, clearance from platform surfaces 30mm. £30.00. E/b.

22601 Lattice half footbridge.  Provides steps from an embankment or bridge to a platform.  Also used to expand bridge 22600.  E/b.  £15.50

22602 Lattice footbridge, no steps.  To cross a stream or cutting.  Also to increase the span of footbridge 22600/1. E/b.  £12.50

Modern Concrete Rail Over Bridge N gauge

Modern Foot Bridge across a cutting or stream N gauge


22630 Modern concrete rail over bridge.  Single track with guard rails. Span 30mm.  £6.50.  E/n.

22631 Modern pedestrian bridge to cross a stream (no steps). 94mm span. £10.00.  E/n.






Palisade fenc 6ft, 1.8m high N gauge

Palisade Gates 6ft, 1.8m high N gauge

22650 Palisade fencing 6ft/1.8m high, with overlays for posts.  Used around industrial buildings, compounds and alongside the tracks. 115mm long.  £3.40

22768 Palisade fence 6ft, bulk pack of 22650.  5 strips, total length 575mm. £13.60.

22652 Palisade gates 6ft/1.8m.  6 gates of 4 different sizes.  Includes overlays for posts. £3.20

Palisade Fence 8ft, 2.4m high N gauge

Palisade Fence 8ft, 2.4m bulk pack N gauge

Palisade Gates 8ft, 2.4m high N gauge

22653 Palisade fence 8ft/2.4m high.  Includes overlays for posts.  96mm long.  £3.60

22769 Palisade fence 8ft, bulk pack of 22653.  5 strips total length 480mm. £15.60.

22654 Gates 8ft/2.4m.  5 gates of 3 different sizes.  Includes overlays for posts. £3.60

8ft Palisade Fence on a slope for an embankment N gauge

Palisade Fence 3ft, 0.9m high for top of wall N gauge

Tubular Guard Rails on a slope for steps N gauge

22661 Palisade fence 8ft on a slope for embankments and steps.  190mm.  £7.20

22659 Palisade fence 3ft/1m, inc gates and post overlays, for top of walls.  Can be used as a low garden fence.  300mm £5.20

22646 Tubular Guard Rails on a slope for steps and embankments. Inc alternative ends.  180mm. £5.80




Tubular Guard Rail 45 degree slope N gauge

Tubular Guard Rails to protect walkways N gauge

guard rail on a slope 60 degree

22647 Tubular Guard Rails on a angle for steps and embankments.  180mm.  £5.80

22648 Tubular Guard Rails.  To protect walkways in yards and depots and extend bridge parapets.  315mm. £5.80.

22649 Tubular Guard Rails on a 60 degree slope for steps and embankments.  180mm.  £5.80

Hoop Top Railings 2ft, 0.6m high

Hoop Top Railings with gates 3ft N gauge

Hoop Top Railings and Gates 5ft, 1.6m high N gauge

22770 Hoop Top Railings 2ft/0.6m high.  Used on top of brick walls and as a low fence around gardens.  Length 320mm. £4.20.

22771 Hoop Top Railings 3ft/1m high.  Seen around parks and gardens.  Length 370mm with 6 gates. Etched n/s. £7.60.

22772 Hoop Top Railings 5ft/1.5m high.  Seen around Stations, schools and parks.  Length 340mm with 3 gates. 7.60.

Railings and gates 6ft 6, 2m high N gauge

Station Railings 4ft 6, 1.4m high N gauge

Low Security Barriers N gauge

22774 Railings 6ft 6 inches high.  232mm of railings, 4 gates of 3 types, and overlays for posts.  £7.80.

22775 Railings station 4ft 6 inches high.  183mm of railings, 5 gates of 3 types and overlays for posts.  £6.80.

22776 Low security barrier 3ft 6 inches high.  252mm of one type and 84mm of a second type.  E/n.  £7.60.




1980s Station Railings and Gates N gauge

Roadside Railings 3ft high N gauge


22777 Railings 1980's station 3ft 3 inches high.  240mm of railing, 4 gates of 3 types and overlays for posts.  E/n.  £7.20.

22778 Railings roadside 3ft high.  144mm of railing with circles and 144mm of railings with open top.  E/n.  £6.20.


Modern Station Mesh Fence N gauge

Modern Mesh Fence low N gauge

modern mesh fence angled N gauge

22780  Modern Mesh Fence.

Tall mesh fence as seen at the back of station platforms.  11mm high, 155mm long. £8.80.

22781  Modern Mesh Fence.

Low mesh fence as seen mounted on a low wall.  8mm high, 160mm long. £6.80.

22782  Modern Mesh Fence.

Angled mesh fence as seen at the back of station ramps.  11mm high, 84mm long. £6.80

Steel Access Steps for an embankment N gauge

Steel Farm Gates N gauge

Pens for a cattle yard N gauge

22655 Steel steps with handrails for access on an embankment. £8.80

22656 Farm gates, tubular steel, with post overlays.  8 sizes, 15 in pack. £8.80

22657 Stock pens, the steel pens seen at cattle markets today.  12 pens with gates. £11.40.







Midland Railway Engine, Goods Shed Windows N gauge

GWR doors and windows N gauge

Warehouse Window large N gauge

22611 Engine and goods shed windows.  Large 12 wide 22 high, small 11mm wide, 18 high. £7.00.

22612 GW doors 16mm high 6.5mm wide, windows 9mm high 6mm wide.   £3.60.

22613 Warehouse window, large. 13mm wide, 18mm high.  16 pack.  £6.20.

Warehouse Window small

1960s factory window N gauge

Ornate factory window N gauge

22614 Warehouse window, small.  8mm wide, 10mm high.  £5.00.

22615 1960's Factory.  Large, 19mm wide, 12 high.  Small 4mm wide, 12 high. £5.00.

22616 Ornate Victorian factory windows.  Fret 70mm high 66mm wide. £5.40.

Pump Station Window N gauge

Roof lights N gauge

1930s School Windows N gauge

22617 Large 33mm high 16mm wide Small 33mm high, 12mm wide.  £7.00.

22618 Roof lights, row of 4 is 26 x 13mm.  10 rows per pack.  £7.40.

22619 School Windows 1930's, 3 styles, 30 windows in pack.  Fret is 65mm wide by 81mm.  £5.80.


Signal box windows and doors N gauge

UPVC replacement windows N gauge

Sash windows and doors N gauge

22620 Signal box windows and doors.  Fret 40mm high 65mm wide£5.60.

22621 UPVC Doors and Windows.  8 doors and 34 windows with overlays.  Doors are 14.25mm high, 6.5mm wide.  £6.60.

22622 Sash Windows and Doors.  14 doors and 24 windows.  Fret is 71mm x 83mm high.  Will fit Kestrel KD07 terraced houses.  £7.80

Pelaw station windows and doors N gauge

1960s Office block window panel

1950s Factory Doors N gauge

22623 Pelaw Station windows and doors.  Also suitable for 1930's offices.  Fret is 65mm x 83mm high.  £7.20.

22624 1960s Office Block window panel. Panel 32mm x 27mm high, stair shaft window 11 x 17mm high.  £4.40.

22625 1950's works doors.  Fret is 65mm high, 64mm wide.  Will fit Bilt Ezzi B2 Dairy.  £6.40




1950s factory windows N gauge

Pump Station Window N gauge

West Highland Railway Station N gauge

22626 Windows for a 1950's works.    Fret is 65mm x 68mm high.  Will fit Bilt Ezzi B2 Dairy.  £5.60

22628 Windows for large buildings like pumping stations. 33mm high 16mm wide. £7.60.

22911 West Highland Railway Station and Station Masters House.

Most stations will need two packs.

6 doors, 16 windows. £7.80.

West Highland Railway Signal Cabin N gauge

MR railway cottage window door N gauge


22912 West Highland Railway

Signal Cabin and Cottage.

2 doors, 15 windows.  £4.80

22913 Midland Railway cottage windows and doors.

8 doors, 18 windows. £5.40.


For station detail, yard detail and cranes.  See N Lineside 2

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