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UPDATED 26 November 2019

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'N'  West Coast Main Line OLE

25kV OLE supports as installed on the West Coast Mainline and electrification projects of the 1960s.  Components can be mixed and matched to give variations on the supports illustrated.

Click for GW OLE on Paddington to Cardiff line

Click for Modern Cantilever Supports


Used on both straight and curved plain track, through stations with an island platform and in depots.  Also used among Portal Supports in areas of complex trackwork.

Post is 'H' section brass, insulators, arms and tubing are etched n/s.  Assemble with super glue or solder.

25500 Cantilever support with 6ft encumbrance.  2 pk. 6.00

25502 Cantilever support with 3ft encumbrance.  2 pk. 6.00

25504 Bridge/ tunnel approach cantilever support.  2 pk. 6.00



25506 Yard and depot cantilever support. 2 pk. 6.00





Heavy and light portals with a choice of fittings, available for 2, 3 and 4 tracks.

Kits contain 2 legs and a girder, both are an etch which fold up around a former.  The formed part is rigid with no need to solder or glue the folds.  Legs are a minimum scale heighy of 20 feet with half etched lines marking standard heights for platform or ground mounting.  Fittings are etched nickel silver

HEAVY PORTALS 'N'  preferred for long spans or where there are many wires (e.g. across pointwork).

N OLE heavy portal 2 track wcml

N OLE heavy portal 3 track wcml

25520 2 track heavy portal. 64mm between legs. 1 pk. 4.00

25521 2 track heavy portal.  64mm between legs. 5 pack. 17.00

25522 3 track heavy portal.  86mm between legs. 1 pack. 4.40

N OLE heavy portal 4 track wcml

25523 3 track heavy portal.  86mm between legs. 5 pack. 19.00

25524 4 track heavy portal. 127mm between legs. 1 pack. 5.50

25525 4 track heavy portal.  127mm between legs. 5 pack. 23.50

N OLE heavy portal sloping ends 4 track wcml



25526 4 track heavy portal with sloping ends.  127mm between legs. 1 pack. 5.50

25527 4 track heavy portal with sloping ends.  127mm between legs. 5 pack. 23.50



WCML LIGHT PORTALS 'N' .used on plain track and across simple point formations.

N OLE light portal 2 track wcml

N OLE light portal 3 track wcml

25530 2 track light portal. 67mm between legs. 1 pack. 4.00

25531 2 track light portal.  67mm between legs. 5 pack. 17.00

25532 3 track light portal. 91mm between legs. 1 pack. 4.40

N OLE light portal 4 track wcml

25533 3 track light portal.  91mm between legs. 5 pack. 19.00

25534 4 track light portal. 132mm between legs. 1 pack. 5.00

25535 4 track light portal. 132mm between legs. 5 pack. 21.50

PORTAL BENDING FORMERS - Portal girders and legs are one piece etches.  The etch is rolled around the former, then the former is pulled out which leaves a four sided leg or girder. For information on FORMING GIRDER OR LEG click.

25575 Heavy girder former. 4.40

25576 Light girder former. 3.70

25577 Leg former. 2.70


WCML PORTAL FITTINGS 'N'  suitable for both heavy and light portals.

Register arms and support pulleys for use with both heavy and light portals.

Register arms are used to hold the contact wire in place.  Above them are support pulleys from which the support wire is hung.  In some situations, typically in yards or station approaches where speeds are low, register arms and support pulleys are combined into a single unit.

25582 A Frame register arm, max height is 12.5mm.  Etched n/s.  4  pack.  4.00.

25583 Upright support pulley, register arm hanging.  Pulley is 4mm high.  N/s etch.  6 pk.  5.50.

25585 Register arm hanging, support pulley hanging.  Etched n/s.  6 of each.  5.50


25586 Insulators Type A.  Etched.  18 pack.  2.50

25587 Insulators Type B.  Etched.  18 pack.  2.50




OHLE supports were erected to suit the track location and the instructions of the planning engineer.  Identical track arrangements can have different support arrangements.  Look at the prototype and examine photographs to see how supports are arranged.

On straight track maximum spacing is 73m, 0.49m (19.5inches) in N gauge.  A more typical spacing is 63m, 0.42m (17inches).  Supports are closer on curves and across points.

Contact wire height is typically 4.1m (13ft 6in), maximum is 5m (16ft 6in).  Model 25kV locos often need the contact wire to be higher and height should be checked against the model locos and adjusted if needed.

Supports can be erected without wires.  This allows access to clean the track and put stock on.  If hanging wires, guitar strings are a good choice.  These do not tarnish, have a low coefficient of expansion and do not kink if caught, but spring back into place.



oil cooled transformer N gauge

25470 Booster transformer.  4mm diameter, 7.8mm high.  2 pk.  4.00.  3D print.

25471 Booster transformer.  Create a sub station to feed your overhead.  12.4mm long, 5.4mm wide, 11mm high.  1 pk.  4.00.  3D print.

25473 Oil cooled transformer, small.  10mm, 6mm wide, 6.5mm high.  2 pk.  3.80.  3D print.


Rectangular Transformer N gauge

oil cooled transformer N gauge


25474 Rectangular transformer small.  8mm, 4mm wide, 7mm high.  2 pk.  3.80.  3D print.

25477  Transformer oil cooled.  Create a sub station to feed your overhead.  17mm long, 10mm wide, 11mm high.  1 pk.  3.50.  3D print


For AWS ramps, speed signs, relay cabinets, colour light signals.  See Line side 4.

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