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LNER Loco Parts

For locos built by the LNER era 3 and era 2 locos rebuilt by the LNER, e.g. locos from GNR, GCR, GER, NER, NBR.  Locos from these companies survived into BR eras 4 & 5 and could retain these parts or have BR parts fitted.

Specific Loco parts,  Common parts,  Front bogie





23095 Loco buffer round, 3mm diam, 2.8mm long. 4 pk. 2.40

23096 Whistle, 2.2mm high. 1.40

23097 Tender brake standard, 7.7mm high.  2 pack.  2.40

23098 Tender filler, 3.5mm high. 1.80

23099 Tender buffer round head 2.5mm dia, square base. 3.3mm long. 4 pk. 2.40


J50 0-6-0T LNER & BR




23144 Pacific Fall plate, reversing lever, valve gear bracket. 2.40

23047 Smokebox door, 8mm diameter. 2..40

23048 Chimney, 4mm high. 1.80

23049 Dome, 5.5mm high. 1.80

23050 Safety valves, 2 Ross Pops on tall oval base. 1.80

J50 0-6-0T LNER & BR

K3 2-6-0 LNER & BR




23051  Tank filler, 2.5mm diameter.  Pack of 2. 1.80

23102 Smokebox door, 12mm diameter. 2.40

23103 Chimney, 1.3mm high. 1.80

23104 Motion support bracket. 1.40

23105 Mechanical lubricator. 2 pk. 2.40


K3 2-6-0 LNER & BR





snifter valve safety valves n gauge

23110 Tender vents, 3.6mm high. 1.80LNER tender vents N gauge

23106 Safety valves, 2 Ross Pops 1.6mm high and snifter valve. 1.80

23107 Whistle. 1.40

23108 Cab steps. 1 pair. 1.80

23109 Tender filler 3.8mm high. 1.80

23110 Tender vent 2 pk. 1.80



LNER standard buffer N gauge

23353 LNER standard buffer.  Round head 2.7mm dia, 3.35mm long. 4 pack. 2.80

23125 Buffer oval, head 3.2mm max, 3.65mm long.  4 pk. 2.40

23097 Tender brake standard, 7.7mm high.  2 pack.  2.40

23115 Chimney  2.9mm high. 1.80

23117 Dome 2.8mm high 1.80.

23247 Lamp irons. LMS are suitable for LNER locos. 24 pk. 1.40

23046 Mechanical Lubricators. Fitted to LNER loco in BR days. 2 pk. 2.40

23146 Hex Ross Pop safety valve t/b.  Pacifics, 4-6-0s.  2 pack. 2.80

23147 Ross Pop Safety Valves, turned brass.  2 pack. tos

23113 Smokebox door with dog, 8.7mm diam. 2.40.

drip feed lubricator 4 pipe n gauge

LNER tender axlebox n gauge




23205 Lubricator drip 4 pipe. LNER locos. 4 pk. 1.80

23195 LNER axlebox.  6 pack. 6.00




FRONT BOGIE - for most bogie locos built by the LNER.  Eras 3, 4 & 5 LNER & BR days.




28472 Bogie kit.  Includes wheels. 10.50

28473 Built bogie, ready to fit.  (email for availabilty.)

28472E Bogie etch only. 4.20



Front loco bogie with correct profile side frames and correct diameter wheels.  Wheels are 6.2mm  diameter with see through spokes and blackened tyres.  For Graham Farish locos, kits and scratchbuilding.  Not suitable for curves below 12in radius.  more info


For track gauges and track spacers.  See  BR Parts

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