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For LNER pregrouping Companies

For locos built by the GCR era 2.  Locos from this company passed to the LNER era 3 and to BR era 4 & 5.  Parts might be retained or replaced by the LNER and BR.





Director 440 chimney N gauge

Director 440 Dome N gauge

Director 440 Safety Valve N gauge



23053 Chimney, 3mm high. 1.80

23054 Dome, 2mm high. 1.80

23055 Safety Valves 2 Ross Pops on oval base. 1.80



ROD 2-8-0 GCR & GWR, LNER & BR

Suitable for other GCR locos of similar boiler size.

23112 Smokebox door with wheel, 9mm diam. 2.40

23113 Smokebox door with dog, 8.7mm diam. 2.40

23114 Chimney GCR, 3.7mm high. 1.80

23115 Chimney LNER, 2.9mm high. 1.80

23116 Dome GCR, 3mm high. 1.80

Great Western Safety Valve bonnet N gauge

Slidebars for N gauge cylinders


23117 Dome LNER, 2.8mm high 1.80.

23118 GWR safety valve, 3.8mm high. 1.80

23119 Safety Valve, GCR enclosed Ramsbottom. 1.80

23120 Slidebars, 11.5mm long.  1 pair. 4.40

23106 2 Ross pop safety valves, 2.2mm high, 1 snifter valve. 1.80


23122 Tender water scoop star handle, 2mm diam. 1.40

23123 Tender filler, 1.8mm high. 1.80

23124 Round buffer, head 2.7mm diam, 3mm long. 4 pk. 2.40

23125 Oval buffer, head 3.2mm max, 3.65mm long.  4 pk. 2.40

23126 Cylinder end covers with tail rods.  1 pair. 1.80




23127 GWR Top feed. 1.80

23128 Tender brake stantion, 8.8mm high. 1 pk.  1.80





For fireman and drivers.  See  BR Parts

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