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For LMS pregrouping Companies

For locos built by the LNWR, MR, and other era 2 pregrouping companies.  Locos from these companies passed to the LMS era 3 and to BR era 4 &5.  Parts might be retained or replaced by the LMS and BR.

LNWR parts,  Loco front bogie,  Midland,  S&D.


Fittings suitable for small LNWR locomotives, e.g. Cauliflower, 2-4-2Ts both large and small wheeled.

n gauge lnwr smokebox door coal tank

n gauge lnwr chimney coal tank

n gauge lnwr dome coal tank

n gauge lnwr safety valve coal tank

n gauge lnwr splasher sandbox coal tank

23024 Smokebox door to suit handwheel (not inc.), 8.6mm diam. 2.40

23025 Chimney, 7.5mm high, 3mm o/d at base of taper. 1.80

23026 Dome, 5.5mm high, 4.8mm diam. 1.80

23027 Safety Valve, LMS, 2 Ross Pops on round base for round top firebox. 1.80

23028 Splasher sandboxes, 3.8mm high, 7.2mm long.  1 pair 2.40

n gauge lnwr tank filler

n gauge lnwr tank filler


LNWR Webb loco buffer N gauge Enclosed Ramsbottom Safety Valve N gauge

23029 Bunker tool box, 3mm high , 8mm long.  2 pack. 2.40

23030 Tank filler, 3.4mm high, 3.6mm diam. 1.80


23232 LNWR Webb buffers.  Fitted to LNWR locos into LMS days.  Head 2.1mm diam, body 3.3mm log.  2.40 set of 4.

23225 Ramsbottom enclosed safety valve.  Fitted to LNWR locos into LMS days.  Base 5mm diam, height 4.6mm.  2.40.

LNWR, LMS & BR G1/2 0-8-0

Fittings suitable for large LNWR locos, e.g. Experiment, George V

23063 Smokebox door with dog, 9mm diam.  2.40.

23064 Chimney, LMS, 4.4mm high, 2.6mm diam.  1.80.

23065 Chimney, LNWR with capuchon, 4.7mm high, 2.7mm diam.  1.80.

23066 Dome, 5mm high, 4.9mm diam.  1.80.

23067 Safety Valve, 2 Ross Pops on round base, base 3.7mm diam.  1.80.


23068 Whistle, 1.8mm high.  1.40.

23069 Guard irons, 6.3mm high. 1 pair.   1.80.

23070 Smokebox steps, 1.2mm wide. 2 pair.  1.40.

23071 Front steps, 6mm high. 1 pair.  1.80.

23072 Cab steps, 6mm high.  1 pair.  1.80.

n gauge loco coupling hook

n gauge vacuum pipe

23073 Cylinder tail rod, 1.6mm long.  2 pack.  1.40.

23074 Buffer beam bracket 2.8mm by 2.8mm. 2 pack.  1.80.

23075 Lubricator box that sits on handrail.   1.80

23076 Coupling hook.  2 pack. 1.80

23058 Vacuum pipes. 2  pack. 1.80




23078 Tender hand wheel, 2.1mm diam.  2 pack.  1.80.

23079 Tender vent, 3.2mm high.  4 pack.  1.80.

23141 Tender axlebox, 6.5mm at its widest.  6 pack.  6.00.








28470 Kit for bogie.  Includes wheels 10.50

28471 Built bogie, ready to fit.  (email for availability.)

28470E Bogie etch only. 4.20


Bogies with correct profile side frames and correct diameter wheels.  Wheels are 6.2mm  diameter with see through spokes and blackened tyres.  For Graham Farish locos, kits and scratchbuilding.  Not suitable for curves below 12in radius.  more info  

L&Y, LMS & BR 2-4-2T


Chimney lancashire and yorkshire N gauge

N gauge L&Y 2-4-2T dome



23214 Buffer.  Head 2.2mm diam, body 3mm long.  2.40 set of 4.

23215.  Chimney, 5.7mm high, 4mm diam. 1.80

23216.  5.4mm high, 5mm diam. 1.80




Also suitable for Midland 0-4-4T, other 0-6-0Ts and 0-6-0 tender locos.



23020 Johnson Chimney.  5mm high, 2.8mm diam. 1.80

23021 Johnson Bell Dome.  5.2mm high, 4.6mm diam. 1.80

23022 Johnson Safety Valve.  3.5mm high. 1.80



MR, Deeley Spinner 4-2-2

Also suitable for other Deeley locos.

MR Deeley smokebox door N gauge

MR Spinner 422 axlebox and spring

MR tender toolbox N gauge


23300 Deeley smokebox door.  6.8mm diam. 2.40

23301 Spinner axlebox and spring.  9mm high, 4mm wide.  2 pk. 3.20

23302 Deeley toolbox.  5.3mm long, 1.9mm high.  2 pk. 2.40

23303  Deeley tender sandbox. 3.7mm high, 2.7mm deep.  2 pack.  2.40.



S&D, LMS & BR 7F 2-8-0






23060 Chimney.  3.7mm high, 3.1mm diam at bottom of taper. 1.80

23061 Dome.  3.9mm high, 5mm diam. 1.80





For fall plates, 'D' wire, handrail jig and other general fittings.  See  BR Parts

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