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Loco Kits in N

GWR loco and coach fittings in N

GWR loco and coach fittings in N

Southern Railway loco fittings in N

LMS pre-group fittings in N

LMS fittings in N

LNER pre-group fittings in N

LNER fittings in N

BR loco fittings, general loco fittings, coach and wagon fittings.

Precursor Model Railway parts

Coach and wagon parts N Gauge

Trams, narrow gauge, posters and timetalbles in N

Line side kits, fencing and signals in N

Signal equipment and signals in N gauge

Line side kits, fencing and signals in N

Modern image kits in N

25 kV catenary supports and fittings in N

Rolling road for N gauge

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Coach, Wagon & Track Parts

Buffers, Corridor ConnectionsCouplingsWheels and Track Gauges


GWR coach door handles N gauge

Conflat wagon kit N gauge

fine chain for railway wagons

Container securing chains N gauge

Hand wheels various sizes 1.9 to 3.7mm

23841 GWR Door handles, 3 types. 30 of ea. 1.60

28850  Conflat L  wagon body kit. 4.40.

23884 Fine chain, 40 links per inch.  300mm. 2.80.

23889 Container securing chains.  3 sets. 3.40. more

23265 Handwheels x 96. Etched, 1.9 to 3.7mm diam. 4.20

Pipe flanges and bearing bosses

Vent for tender N gauge

Vent for tender N gauge

Vent for tender N gauge

Packing washer 5mm diameter

23266 Pipe flanges etched.  2 frets. 2.20

23287 Vent. 1.4mm  head, 0.75mm shank. 10 pk. 1.60

23288 Vent. 1.9mm head, 1.2mm shank.  10 pack. 1.60

23289 Vent. 2.4mm head, 1.6mm shank.  10 pack. 1.60

23285 Packing washer, 5mm diam, 1.5mm hole. 1.60

Packing washer 7mm diameter

Brass bush 2.3mm diameter

Brass bush 3.9mm diameter

GWR pressed steel bogie side frames N gauge


23286 Packing washer, 7mm diam, 1.5mm hole. 1.60

50206 Brass bush, 2.3mm od 1mm hole.  2.20

50207 Brass bush, 3.9mm od 2mm hole.  2.20

23842 GWR pressed steel bogie side.  4 pack. 6.50



GWR Autocoach buffer N gauge

GWR tapered coach buffer N gauge

GWR Dean coach buffer N gauge

GWR tapered coach buffer N gauge  

23859 GWR Autocoach buffer.  4 pack.  2.20.

23860 GWR Tapered buffer, head 3mm dia, 2.9mm lng. Inc. base plate. 4 pk. 2.70

23861 Dean coach buffer, head 2.3mm diam, length 2.9mm. 4 pack. 2.20

23862 GWR Tapered buffer, head 2.3mm dia, 2.9mm long.  Inc. baseplate. 4 pk. 2.70






23864 MR early buffer Clayton period.  With round or oval head. 4 pk. 2.70

23865 MR late buffer Bain period.  With round or oval head. 4 pack. 2.70

23863 LMS oval buffer, head 3.9mm max, 3.6mm long.  Inc. baseplates. 4 pk. 2.70.

23880 CCT buffer, head 3.15mm diam, length 3.7mm.  4 pack. 2.70.



Wagon buffer parallel N gauge

Tapered wagon buffer N gauge


23883 Buffer, heavy duty for Brake Vans and hopper wagons.  4 pack.  3.40.

23879.  4 pack. 2.70.

23885 Wagon buffer parallel, head 2.1mm diam, length 2.9mm.  4 pack. 2.70.

23888 Wagon buffer tapered, head 2.1mm diam, length 2.9mm.  4 pack. 2.70.

28121 Oleo buffer, head 3.1mm diam, 4.4mm long. Inc base plate. 4 pack. 2.70






28122 Oleo buffer, head 3.45mm diam, 4.2mm long. Inc base plate. 4 pack. 2.70

23886 Buffer, heads 2.38mm diam.  4 pack. 1.70.

23887 Buffer, heads 2.1mm diam.  4 pack. 1.70.




Corridor Connectors BR Mk1 coach n gauge

Corridor Connectors Gresley coach n gauge

Collett Coach Connectors N gauge

Mark 2 coach corridor connectors N gauge

Mark 3 coach corridor connector N gauge

23944 BR Mk1 Corridor Connector.

5 pk. 2.50

23946 Gresley Corridor Connector.  5 pk. 2.50

23948 Collett Corridor Connectors. 5 pk. 2.50

23950 BR Mk2 Corridor Connector.

5 pk. 2.50

23952 BR Mk3 Corridor Connector.

5 pk. 2.50

23945 BR Mk1 Corridor Connector.

 10 pk. 4.00

23947 Gresley Corridor Connector.  10 pk. 4.00

23949 Collett Corridor Connectors. 10 pk. 4.00

23951 BR Mk2 Corridor Connector.

10 pk. 4.00

23953 BR Mk3 Corridor Connector.

10 pk. 4.00

Stanier coach corridor connector N gauge

23954  Stanier Corridor Connector.

 5 pk. 2.50

23955 Stanier Corridor Connector.  10 pk. 4.00








23840 Close coupling.   48 pk. 3.60

23842 MBD delayed coupling.  10pr. tos

23843 MBM automatic coupling.  10pr. 4.50






23818 Top hat bearing. 20 pk. 4.00

23808 6.2mm dia disc wheel. 4 pk. 5.80

23809 6.2mm dia 8 spoke. 4 pk. 5.80

23810 6.2mm dia 3 hole. 4 pk. 5.80

23812 7.2mm dia disc. 4 pk. 5.80

Wheels have plastic centres with blackened tyre and are fitted to pinpoint axles 15mm long.




23990 Roller gauge, with check rail grooves. Not for code 40. 5.40

23991 Double track spacer for Peco settrack and flexible track. 3.00.

23992 Wheel back to back gauge. 5.80



For handrail knobs, handrail wire and other general fittings.  See N BR Fittings.

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