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All N Brass loco, coach and wagon fittings in N

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Southern Railway loco fittings in N

LMS pre-group fittings in N

LMS fittings in N

LNER pre-group fittings in N

LNER fittings in N

BR loco fittings, general loco fittings, coach and wagon fittings.

Precursor Model Railway parts

Coach and wagon parts N Gauge

Trams, narrow gauge, posters and timetalbles in N

Line side kits, fencing and signals in N

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Signals Trespass Transformers N gauge

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BR Steam and Diesel Parts

BR Bogie,  Common Steam parts, Diesel parts,

Buffers, Chassis, Nameplates and Track Gauges




BR standard locomotive bogie kit N gauge


BR standard locomotive bogie etch N gauge


28476 Bogie kit, includes wheels. 10.50

28477 Built bogie, ready to fit.  (email for availability.)

28476E Bogie etch. 4.20


Correct profile side frames, 6.2mm diam. bogie wheels with see through spokes and blackened tyres. For Farish chassis, kits and scratchbuilding.  Not suitable for curves below 12in.  more info





These fit locomotives from many companies.

Mechanical lubricators for the footplate N gauge

Steam injector N gauge

Hex Ross Pop safety valves BR LMS LNER N gauge

Ross Pop safety valvesN gauge

Small air resorvoir N gauge

23046 Mech lubricator.  LMS locos and BR locos. 2 pack. 2.40

23158 GWR Injector, 5.3mm long.  GW locos and BR standards.  1.80.

23146 BR Hex Ross Pop Safety Valve.  LNER Pacifics, Stanier locos and BR Standards. 2.80

23147 Ross Pop Safety Valve, 3in dia.  For many locos, LNER, LMS & Southern.  tos

23145 Reservoir, small.  A small tank, 2.3mm diam, 4.3mm long with legs.  2.70.

Guard irons for steam locos N gauge

Vacuum pipes for steam locos N gauge

Coupling hook for steam locos N gauge

Screwlink coupling for N gauge steam locos

23069 Guard irons. 1 pair. 1.80.

23175  Steam Generator. 1.80.

23058 Vac pipes. 1 pair.  1.80.

23076 Coupling hook. 1 pair.  2.20.

23251 Screwlink coupling. 4 pk. 1.80

AWS Automatic Warning System shoe N gauge

AWS Battery Box N gauge




23311 Automatic Warning System Shoe.  1 x shoe 1 x battery box. 2.40.

23312 Automatic Warning System battery box.  2 pack.  2.40


GWR lamp irons and fire iron brackets for N gauge

SR lamp irons for N gauge

LMS lamp irons for N gauge

Handrail knobs for N gauge locos

Handrail wire for N gauge locos

23245 GWR Lamp irons and fire iron brackets. 20 pk. 1.40.

23246 SR Lamp irons. 22 pack. 1.40

23247 LMS Lamp irons. 22 pack. 1.40

23280 Handrail knobs, t/b. 0.25mm hole, 0.45mm shank. 3mm long. 12 pk. 5.00

23281 Handrail wire, steel.  0.25mm diam.  4 x 120mm. 2.40.

Handrail jig for N gauge

D wire for cab beading N gauge

fall plate n gauge

2 drivers and a fireman for steam locos

2 drivers for N gauge steam locos

23284 Handrail jig. Makes numerous handrails of the same length. 7.40

23283 D' wire for cab beading, soft brass.  0.5mm across flat, length 150mm. 2.40

23279 Fall plates with chequer plate pattern.  4 pk. 3.00

23059 Footplate men, 2 drivers and man firing. 4.40

23142 Footplate men, 2 drivers. 3.60


Vents for N gauge steam locos

Vents for N gauge steam loco tenders

Vents for N gauge steam loco tenders

Packing washers 5mm diameter

23287 Vents and valves, 1.4mm domed head, 0.75mm shank.  10 pack. 2.00

23288 Vents and valves, 1.9mm domed head, 1.2mm shank.  10 pack. 2.00

23289 Vents and valves, 2.4mm domed head, 1.6mm shank.  10 pack. 2.00

23285 Packing washer brass, 0.25mm thick, 5mm diam with 1.5mm hole. 1.80

23286 Packing washer brass, 0.25mm thick, 7mm diam with 1.5mm hole. 1.80

WD 2-8-0


WD 2-8-0 chimney in N

WD 2-8-0 smokebox saddle in N

WD steam pipes in N

WD 2-8-0 top feed in N

WD 2-8-0 safety valve in N

23182 WD Chimney. 1.80.

23183 Smokebox saddle. 1.80

23184  WD Steam pipes. 1.80

23185 WD Top feed, open type. 2.40

23186 Safety valves, round base. 1.80.


Bell for N gauge industrial steam loco

Smokebox door for N gauge

Smokebox door for N gauge

Chimney 4mm high N gauge

Chimney 7.5mm high N gauge

23101 Bell, for locos doing street running and industrial locomotives. 1.80.

23198  Smokebox door. 2.40

23211  Smokebox door, no hinge.  2.40.

23057 Industrial Chimney, 4mm high. 1.80.

23167 Tall Chimney, 7.5mm high off top of boiler, bottom of taper 2.72 diam.  1.80.


Tall chimney for N gauge

Dome 7.5mm high N gauge

Dome 6.5mm high N gauge

2 ross pop safety valves on oval base

23168 Tall thin Chimney.  1.80.

23213   Chimney 8.6mm high. 1.80

23169 Dome, 7.5mm high off top off boiler, 4.6mm diam.  1.80.

23170 Dome, 6.5mm high off top of boiler, 4.6mm diam.  1.80

23163 Safety valves on oval base.  1.80.

Cab steps for N gauge

Mid footplate steps N gauge

Belpaire firebox front N gauge

Tank filler N gauge


23164 Cab Step, 6mm high.  2 pack.  1.80.

23165 Footplate Step, for front and middle of footplate. 6mm high, 3.5mm wide at bottom. 2 pk.  1.80.

23212 Firebox front for small Belpaire firebox.  1.80

23201 Tank filler with hinged handle. 3.5mm diam, 1mm high. 1 pack.  1.80


Pipe flanges and bosses N gauge

Etched hand wheels up to 3mm diameter




23266 Pipe flanges etched. 2 frets.  2.40.

23265 Handwheels etched.  96 hand wheels, 16 different types.  From 1.9 to 3.7mm diam. 5.20








Oval buffer for N gauge



Small round buffer N gauge

Oval buffer head N gauge

23356 Oval buffer for BR standards, 3.9mm max, 3.3 min. Includes base plates. 4 pk. 2.80


23359 Industrial buffer, round head 4.1mm dia., 3.4mm long. Inc. base plates. 4 pk. 4.00

23166 Buffer, small head.  4 pack.  2.40.

23241 Buffer head oval, 3.8mm wide, shank 1mm diam.  4 pack.  2.40.






Farish Holden tank coupling rods

0-4-0 coupling rods n gauge

Coupling rods 0 4 0 n gauge

Coupling rods 0 6 0 N gauge

Coupling rods 0-4-0 and 0-6-0 N gauge steam locos

28208 Replacement coupling rods for Farish Holden tank.Centres 29mm.  2.40

28209 Centres 21mm.  1.60

28210 0-4-0 coupling rods, centres 15.5mm.  1 pr. 1.80

28211 0-6-0 coupling rods, centres 15-16mm.  1 pr. 1.80

28212 Coupling rods, a selection, cosmetic only. 4.00

valve gear linkage n gauge    

Locomotive wheel balance weights N gauge

Locomotive wheel balance weights N gauge

28207 Valve gear linkage, fret 50 x 24mm.  3.40.



28218 Balance weights, crescent.  3 pr. 1.60

28219 Balance weights, heavy.  3 pr. 1.60

Locomotive brake shoes N gauge

Locomotive brake shoes N gauge Locomotive brake shoes N gauge

Tender brake shoes for N gauge

Tender brake shoes for N gauge

28215 Brake shoes LNWR cast. 3 pr. 1.60

28216 Brake shoes LNWR wood. 2 pr. 1.60

28217 Brake shoes cast. 3 pr. 1.60

28222 Tender brake shoes, light.  3 pr. 1.60

28223 Tender brake shoes, heavy.  3 pr. 1.60



N gauge coal rails for early locos

N gauge coal rails for tank locos

N gauge coal rails for 1930s locos



23222 Coal rails for early locos.  2.40

23223 Coal rails for tank locos. 2.00

23224 Coal rails for 1930's locos.  2.40





Mount for curved nameplates




23250 Name plate supports 6mm, 9mm, 11mm, 2 of each.  2.20







GLASLYN, SNOWDON, BEDDGELERT, CLOVERLEY, FIONA, KATIE, MORGAN, POWYS, SIR CHARLES, STOUR, TYRONE, GWR 927,  GWR 1098, GWR 1143.  Etched brass, black back ground.  3.00 a pair.







Oleo buffer 3.1mm n gauge

Oleo diesel buffer 3.5mm N gauge


Diesel Air horns 2mm long N gauge

Diesel Air Horn 3mm N gauge

28121 Oleo buffer, head 3.1mm diam, 4.4mm long. Inc base plate. 4 pack. 2.80

28122 Oleo buffer, head 3.45mm diam, 4.2mm long. Inc base plate. 4 pack. 2.80


28124 Air horns, 2mm long. 2 pack. 2.20

28125 Air horns, 3mm long. 2 pack. 2.20

Diesel vacuum pipes N gauge

Diesel head code discs N gauge

Diesel Wind Screen Wipers N gauge



28126 Diesel Vacuum pipes, 5.5mm long. 6 pack.  2.00.

28127 Diesel Head Code Disc. 16 in pack.  2.60.

28128 Diesel Wind Screen Wipers. 2 types, 3 pair of each in pack.  3.00.





N gauge track roller gauge Spacer to align double track N gauge Back to back gauge for N gauge    

23990 Roller gauge, with grooves to position check rails. Not suitable for code 40. 5.40

23991 Double track spacer for Peco settrack and flexible track. 4.80.

23992 Wheel back to back gauge. 7.80



For coach and wagon parts see  Coach

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