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Loco, Coach, Wagon detail for N

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LMS loco parts in N

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LNER loco parts in N

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Loco, Coach, Wagon Parts by type.

N Brass Locos manufacture over 280 parts for N gauge locomotives, coaches and wagons.  Some of these parts are unique to a locomotive or group of locomotives e.g. Great Western safety valves.  Other parts were common to many locos e.g. Ross Pop safety valves used by the Southern, LMS, LNER era 3 and some pre 1923 era 2 railway companies.

To help in finding parts for a project this page has them organised by type rather than by railway company.  To find a smokebox door, click SMOKEBOX DOOR below or scroll down the page to where the 14 smokebox doors are side by side.

Parts are lost wax castings, turned brass, nickel or brass etches.  Many parts have been painted, this is purely for photographic reasons.














blank blank































































Air horns 2mm long N gauge

Air Horn 3mm N gauge




28124 2 x 2mm long. 2.20

28125 2 x 3mm long. 2.20




AWS - Automatic Warning System



aautomatic train control shoe n gauge

AWS Automatic Warning System shoe N gauge

AWS Battery Box N gauge


23310 ATS shoe GW.  1 x shoe and 1 x battery box. 2.40

23311 AWS Shoe BR.  1 x shoe and 1 x battery box. 2.40.

23312 AWS battery box.  2 pack.  2.40


AXLEBOX 6 in pack



LNWR LMS Tender axlebox N gauge

SR tender axlebox

LMS Tender Axlebox N gauge

LNER axlebox N gauge

MR Spinner 422 axlebox and spring

23141 Tender, 6.5mm at widest. 6.00. 6 in pack

23172 Tender, 8mm at widest. 6.00. 6 in pack.

23195 Tender, 7.7mm at widest. 6.00. 6 in pack.

23235 Tender, 7.6mm at widest. 6.00. 6 in pack.

23301 Spinner axlebox and spring.  9mm high, 4mm wide.  2 pk. 3.20





Belpair Backhead small N gauge

round top backhead n gauge

Crescent wheel balance weight N gauge

Heavy balance weight N gauge

pin point bearing n gauge

23206 Backhead small, 11mm high, 10mm wide at top.  2.40

23239 Backhead small, 11mm high, 9.7mm wide at top.  2.40

28218 Balance weights, crescent. 3 pr. 1.60

28219 Balance weights, heavy. 3 pr. 1.60

23818 Pinpoint bearing, top hat type. 20 pack. 4.00




n gauge loco bell industrial and great western





23101 Bell 4.4mm high. 1.80.





GWR 4 wheel loco bogie n gauge

GWR loco bogie etch N gauge

Bulleid pacific loco bogie N gauge

LMS Duchess loco bogie N gauge

28460 GWR bogie kit inc wheels.  10.50

28460E GWR Bogie Etch 4.20

28464 Bulleid bogie kit inc wheels.  11.00.

28464E Bulleid Etch 4.60.

28466 LMS 7ft 6in w/b, bogie kit inc wheels.  10.50

LMS 4-6-0 Jubilee loco bogie N gauge

LNWR 4-4-0 and 4-6-0 loco bogie n gauge

28466E LMS 7ft 6in etch. 4.20

28468 LMS 6ft 6in w/b, bogie kit inc wheels.  10.50

28468E LMS 6ft 6in  etch. 4.20

28470 LNWR bogie kit inc wheels.  10.50

28470E LNWR Bogie Etch. 4.20

LNER Pacific and 4-6-0 loco bogie N gauge

BR standard loco bogie N gauge

BR standard locomotive bogie etch N gauge


28472 LNER bogie kit inc wheels.  10.50

28472E LNER Bogie etch. 4.20

28476 BR Standard. bogie kit inc wheels.  10.50

28476E BR Std etch. 4.20






Buffer beam bracket n gauge





23074 2.8mm by 2.8mm. 1.80.





Dean Goods boiler N gauge

n gauge Coal Tank boiler and fittings

Saddle tank n gauge    

28555 Boiler 3D print. 10mm dia, 24 long.  8.00

52001 Coal Tank boiler, whitemetal. 34mm long. 5.50.

28506 Saddle Tank 3D print.  14mm wide, 28 long.  8.00



Cast loco brake shoes n gauge

Wood loco brake shoes n gauge Cast loco brake shoes n gauge

light tender brake shoe n gauge

heavy tender brake shoe n gauge

28215 Brake shoes LNWR cast. 3 pr. 1.60

28216 Brake shoes LNWR wood. 2 pr. 1.60

28217 Brake shoes cast. 3 pr. 1.60

28222 Tender brake shoes, light. 3 pr. 1.60

28223 Tender brake shoes, heavy. 3 pr. 1.60





n gauge great western brake standard short

GWR tender brake standard tall n gauge

n gauge secr tender brake stantion

LMS and LNER tender brake standard n gauge

n gauge southern maunsell tender brake standard

23003 7mm high. 1 in pack. 1.80

23004 9mm high. 1 in pack.  1.80

23011 9mm high. 1 in pack. 1.80.

23097 7.7mm high. 2 pack. 2.40

23156 8.1mm high. 1 in pack.  1.80.


BUFFER in packs of 4. Dimensions are head diameter and body length (not inc fixing spigot).

n gauge great western tapered loco buffer

round loco buffer n gauge

loco buffer round n gauge

GCR round buffer N gauge LNER oval buffer N gauge

23083 2.3mm diam, 4.1mm long. 2.40

23095 3mm diam, 2.8mm long. 2.40

23099 2.5mm diam, 3.3mm long. 2.40

23124 2.7mm diam, 3mm long. 2.40

23125 Oval, Head 3.2mm max, 3.8mm long. 2.40

loco buffer small round head n gauge

Buffer large round head N gauge



LMS oval loco buffer Duchess N gauge

23166 2.4mm diam, 3.5mm long. 2.40.

23194 3.1mm diam, 3.2mm long. 2.40.

23345 2.3mm dia, 3.35mm long. 3.20

23347 2.3mm dia, 3.35mm long. 3.20

23348 Oval. 3.8mm head max, 3.6mm long. 2.80.

Round loco buffer n gauge turned brass

LNER standard loco buffer n gauge

Oval buffer BR standard N gauge

  Industrial loco buffer n gauge

23349 3mm dia, 3.35mm long. 2.80

23353 2.7mm dia, 3.35mm long. 2.80

23356 Oval. Head 3.9mm max, 3.3mm long. 2.80


23359 Industrial.  4.1mm dia., 3.4mm long. 4.00

Oleo buffer 3.1mm n gauge

Oleo diesel buffer 3.45mm round head N gauge

n gauge great western auto coach oval buffer n gauge

n gauge great western collett round coach buffer n gauge

n gauge great western dean round head coach buffer n gauge

28121 Head 3.1mm diam, 4.4mm long. 2.80

28122 3.45mm diam, 4.2mm long. 2.80

23859 Oval head, 2.1mm max, 5.8mm long. 2.40

23860 Head 3mm diam, 2.9mm long. 2.80

23861 Head 2.3mm diam, length 2.9mm. 2.40

n gauge great western collett round coach buffer n gauge

Oval coach buffer n gauge

Midland coach buffer round or oval n gauge

Midland Railway coach buffer round or oval n gauge

cct van buffer n gauge

23862 Head 2.3mm diam, 2.9mm long. 2.80

23863 Oval. Head 3.9mm max, 3.3mm long. 2.80

23864 Round or oval. Round 1.7mm diam, 3.6mm long. 2.80

23865 Round or oval. Round 2.1mm diam, 3.5mm long. 2.80

23880 3.15mm diam, 3.7mm long. 2.80.

heavy duty wagon buffer n gauge

Wagon buffer parallel N gauge

Buffer head n gauge 2.4mm diam


Tapered wagon buffer N gauge

23883 2.1mm diam, 2.3mm long. 3.40.

23885 2.1mm diam, 2.9mm long. 2.80.

23886 head only 2.38mm diam. 1.80.

23887 head only 2.1mm diam. 1.80.

23888 2.1mm diam, 2.9mm long. 2.80.

LNWR loco buffer n gauge

Loco buffer oval N gauge

Loco buffer small round head tapered body N gauge

Oval buffer head N gauge


23232 Head 2.1mm diam, body 3.3mm long. 2.40 set of 4.

23233 Head 4mm max, body 4.2mm long. 2.40 set of 4.

23214 Head 2.2mm diam, body 3mm long.  2.40 set of 4.

23241 Buffer head oval, 3.8mm wide, shank 1mm diam.  4 pack.  2.40.

23240 Buffer round, square base.  4 pack.  2.40.

Round buffer back N gauge Round buffer backs N gauge

wagon buffer plain N gauge

wagon buffer N gauge

round buffer van coach n gauge

23891 Buffer back 1.75mm diam.  4 pack.  2.20.

23892 Buffer back 2.5mm diam.  4 pack.  2.20.

23879 Wagon Buffer, plain, head 2.4mm dia 2.9mm long.  Inc base plate. 4 pk. 2.80.

23890 Wagon Buffer, head 2.1mm dia. 2.9mm long. Inc base plate.  4 pk. 2.80.

23893 Coach Van, head 3mm dia, 3.25mm long. Inc base plate. 4 pk. 2.80






Brass bush 3.9mm diameter 2mm hole





50207 Brass bush, 3.9mm od 2mm hole. 10 pack 2.40





CAB SIDES detail overlay, 1pr.




GWR Hall detailed cabside overlay n gauge

GWR castle cabside overlay n gauge

LMS 8F cabside overlay n gauge

LMS class 5 cabside overlay n gauge


28430 Hall 4-6-0. Fret 26.6 x 19.6mm. 3.20

28431 Castle 4-6-0. Fret 26.6 x 16mm. 3.20

28440 8F 2-8-0. Fret 26.6 x 20.6mm. 3.20

28441 Class 5 4-6-0. Fret 26.6 x 17.6mm Class 5 4-6-0. 3.20



fine chain all gauges

container securing chains n gauge




23884 40 links per inch. 300mm. 5.20.

23889 Container securing. 4.20. more





CHIMNEY Height is from top of boiler to top of chimney.  Diameter is that of rim.

Stove Pipe Chimney N gauge

Chimney 7mm high

Chimney N gauge

chimney N gauge


23304  3.5mm high 3.7mm diam.  1.80

23305  7mm high 4.4mm diam.  1.80

23306  6mm high 4.2mm diam.  1.80

23307  7.7mm high 4.2mm diam.  1.80.


n gauge great western hall chimney

n gauge secr c class chimney n gauge

n gauge secr l class chimney

n gauge steam loco chimney

n gauge lnwr chimney coal tank

23001 4.5mm high, 4.7mm diam. 1.80.

23006 5.1mm high, 4.4mm diam. 1.80.

23015 3.1mm high, 4.2mm diam. 1.80.

23020 5.1mm high, 4.2mm diam. 1.80

23025 7.5mm high, 4.3mm diam. 1.80

LMS jinty 0-6-0 tank chimney n gauge

Chimney 4.2mm high 4.3mm diam N gauge

LMS loco chimney n gauge

steam loco chimney n gauge

LMS 8F steam loco chimney n gauge

23032 6mm high, 4.2mm diam. 1.80.

23035 4.2mm high, 4.5mm diam. 1.80.

23036 2.4mm high, 4.1mm diam. 1.80.

23039 2.2mm high, 3.8mm dia. 1.80.

23042 3.2mm high, 4.8mm diam. 1.80

LMS 4F steam loco chimney n gauge

LNER J50 tank loco chimney n gauge

GCR Director 4-4-0 loco chimney n gauge

industrial steam loco chimney n gauge

somerset dorset 2-8-0 steam loco chimney n gauge

23045 4.1mm high, 4.4mm diam. 1.80.

23048 6.2mm high, 4.3mm diam. 1.80

23053 3.2mm high, 4.5mm diam. 1.80

23057 5.2mm high, 4.3mm diam. 1.80

23060 3.3mm high, 3.9mm diam. 1.80

LMS G1 steam loco chimney n gauge

LNWR G1 steam loco chimney n gauge

n gauge great western king castle chimney

n gauge great western king castle double chimney

LNER K3 2-6-0 steam loco chimney n gauge

23064 4.4mm high, 3.7mm diam. 1.80.

23065 4.7mm high, 3.9mm diam. 1.80.

23085 3.1mm high, 4.7mm diam. 1.80

23086 3.6mm high, 5.9mm long. 2.40

23103.9mm high, 4.3mm diam. 1.80

GCR Chimney N gauge

LNER Chimney N gauge

LMS Fairburn 2-6-4 tank chimney n gauge

n gauge southern maunsell steam loco chimney

n gauge southern maunsell steam loco chimney

23114 4mm high, 3.5mm diam. 1.80

23115 2.9mm high, 3.1mm diam. 1.80

23130 3.2mm high, 4.1mm diam. 1.80

23150 2.9mm high, 4.9mm diam. 1.80.

23151 2.5mm high, 4.7mm diam. 1.80.

n gauge southern maunsell steam loco chimney

steam loco chimney n gauge

steam loco chimney tall and thin n gauge

Chimney n gauge steam loco

WD 2-8-0 2-10-0 steam loco chimney in N

23152 2.8mm high, 6mm diam. 1.80.

23167 7.6mm high, 4.8mm diam. 1.80.

23168 7.8mm high, 3.2mm diam. 1.80.

23173 3.2mm high, 3.9mm diam1.80.

23182 2mm high, 3.6mm diam1.80.

Tall steam loco chimney for N gauge

Steam loco chimney n gauge

Chimney lancashire and yorkshire N gauge

chimney tapered N gauge

Chimney stove pipe N gauge

23213 8.8mm high, 3.9mm diam1.80

23234 5.6mm high, 4.1mm diam. 1.80

23215.  5.7mm high, 4mm diam. 1.80

23208.  7.4mm high, 4.3mm diam. 1.80

23209.  Stove pipe, 6.3mm high, 3.2mm diam. 1.80

Chimney short stove pipe N gauge





23238.  Stove pipe, 5.1mm high, 3.8mm diam1.80








Coal rails for 1900's locos n gauge

Coal rails for tank locos n gauge

Coal rails for 1930's locos n gauge



23222 Coal rails for early locos. Fret is 44 x 12mm. 2.40

23223 Coal rails for tank locos. Fret is 41 x 6mm. 2.00

23224 Coal rails for 1930's tender. Fret is 41 x 19mm. 2.40













23901 Coach Floor 140mm long. 2.50

23902 Coach Roof shallow 140mm long. 2.50

23903 Coach Roof deep 140mm long. 2.50







Corridor Connectors BR Mk1 coach n gauge

Corridor Connectors Gresley coach n gauge

Collett coach corridor connector N gauge

Mk2 coach corridor connector N gauge

Mk3 coach corridor connector N gauge

BR Mk1

23944 5 pk. 2.50

23945 10 pk 4.00


23946 5 pk. 2.50

23947 10 pk 4.00


23948 5 pk. 2.50

23949 10 pk 4.00

BR Mk2

23950 5 pk. 2.50

23951 10 pk 4.00

BR Mk3

23952 5 pk. 2.50

23953 10pk 4.00

Stanier coach corridor connector N gauge



23954 5 pk. 2.50

23955 10 pk 4.00









coupling hook n gauge

Coupling Hook for screwlink N gauge

screwlink coupling n gauge


cast brass rapido coupling

23076 Coupling hook, short. 1 pair 2.20.

23276 Coupling hook, long. 1 pair. 2.20

23251 Screwlink coupling. 4 pk. 1.80

23252 Screwlink coupling kit.  1.80

23160 Rapido cast brass. 1.80

Close coupling for N gauge coaches




23840 Close coupling.   48 pk. 4.20

23843 MBM automatic coupling.  10pr. 5.00








Farish Holden tank coupling rods

0-4-0 coupling rods n gauge

Steam loco coupling rods 0-4-0 n gauge

Steam loco coupling rods 0-6-0 n gauge

Selection of coupling rods N gauge

28208 Replacement coupling rods for Farish Holden tank.Centres 29mm.  2.40

28209 Centres 21mm.  1.60

28210 Centres 15.5mm.  1.80

28211 Centres 15-16mm.  1.80

28212 Coupling rods, cosmetic only. 4.00




steam loco crosshead n gauge

Cross head material H section

Cross head material T section



23217  Cast cross head with etched overlay.  Fits 2mm slot.  1 pair 3.20.

52005 'H' section,  2.6 x 1.3 x 50mm.  2.00

52006 'T' section.  2.6 x 1.3 x 50mm.  2.00






Cylinder tail rods steam loco n gauge

Great Western Castle King valve linkage n gauge

Steam loco slidebars n gauge

ROD cylinder fronts 1 pair N gauge


23073 tail rod,1.6mm long. 1.40.

23088 Valve linkage. 1.80

23120 Slidebars, 11.5mm long. 4.40

23126 end covers. 1.60


cylinders N gauge

loco cylinders whitemetal N gauge

Steam loco cylinders A3 n gauge

Steam loco cylinders compound n gauge

Steam loco cylinders crab n gauge

52010 Cylinders resin, loco manuf unknown. 4.00.

52011 Cylinders white metal, loco manuf unknown. 4.00.

52012 Cylinders, Farish A3.  1.80

52013 Cylinders, Farish Compound.  1.80

52014 Cylinders, Farish Crab.  1.80

DOME  Dome height is from top of boiler to top of dome, diameter is at mid height of dome.

n gauge secr c class dome

n gauge secr l class dome

MR johnson bell dome n gauge

n gauge lnwr dome coal tank

LMS dome flat top n gauge

23007 5.6mm high, 4.6mm o/d. 1.80.

23016 3.2mm high, 5.2mm diam. 1.80.

23021 5.2mm high, 4.6mm diam. 1.80

23026 5.8mm high, 4.8mm diam. 1.80

23033 4.4mm high, 5.4mm diam. 1.80.

LMS dome n gauge

LMS dome Stanier locos n gauge

LNER J50 tank dome n gauge

GCR Director 4-4-0 dome n gauge

Somerset Dorset 2-8-0 dome n gauge

23037 2.8mm high, 5mm diam. 1.80.

23043 2.4mm high, 5.5mm diam. 1.80

23049 5.8mm high, 4.6mm diam. 1.80

23054 3mm high, 5.2mm diam. 1.80

23061 3.9mm high, 5mm diam. 1.80

LNWR large loco dome n gauge

GCR Dome N gauge

LNER Dome N gauge

LMS small dome n gauge

tall steam locomotive dome n gauge

23066 5mm high, 4.9mm diam.  1.80.

23116 3.2mm high, 4.8mm diam. 1.80

23117 3.2mm high. 5.4mm diam. 1.80.

23162 2.6mm high, 5.2mm diam. 1.80

23169 7.4mm high, 4.6mm diam. 1.80.

Tall steam loco dome n gauge

N gauge L&Y 2-4-2T dome

small steam loco dome n gauge



23170 6.5mm high, 4.6mm diam. 1.80

23216 5.4mm high, 5mm diam. 1.80

23227 1.mm high, 4.2mm diam. 1.80









steam locomotive crew drivers and fireman n gauge

steam locomotive drivers n gauge

fall plate n gauge

GWR King detail parts n gauge

LNER pacific detail parts n gauge

23059 Footplate men, 2 drivers and man firing. 4.40

23142 Footplate men, 2 drivers. 3.60

23279 Fall plates with chequer plate pattern. 16mm wide, 5mm deep.  4 pack. 3.00

23143 GWR Whistle shield, fall plate, window beading. 2.40

23144 Fall plate, reversing lever, valve gear bracket. 2.40

FILLER  Diameter is that of body.

n gauge secr tender filler

n gauge lnwr tank filler

LNER tank loco tank fillers n gauge

LNER Pacifics tender filler n gauge

LNER tender filler n gauge

23012 1.7mm high, 4.6mm diam. 1.80.

23030 3.4mm high, 3.6mm diam. 1.80

23051 0.9mm high, 2.5mm diam. 1.80

23098 3.6mm high, 3.6mm diam. 1.80

23109 3.6mm high, 3mm diam. 1.80.

Tender filler N gauge

LMS tender filler n gauge

tank filler n gauge

Tank filler N gauge


23123 2mm high, 2.8mm diam. 1.80.

23197 1.9mm high, 3.3mm diam. 1.80

23200 0.8mm high, 3.1mm diam. 1.80

23201 Tank filler with hinged handle. 3.5mm diam, 1mm high. 1 pack.  1.80







n gauge belpaire firebox front

belpaire firebox n gauge Locomotive Fire Irons n gauge



23212 Firebox front for Belpaire. 1.80

23254 Firebox Belpaire, 13mm long, 12mm wide.  8.40

23271 Fire Irons 2.60.








Fly wheel 9.5mm diam 1mm bore

Small motor 12volt dc

Small motor 12volt dc



52040 9.5mm dia, 1mm bore, 4mm long.  1 pack 2.60

52041 9.5mm dia, 1mm bore, 6mm long.  1 pack 2.60

52042 9.5mm dia, 1mm bore, 8mm long.  1 pack 2.60








Roller gauge for N gauge track

Double track spacer for n gauge

back to back gauge for n gauge



23990 Roller gauge, for track. 5.40

23991 Double track spacer. 4.80.

23992 Wheel back to back gauge, 7.45mm. 7.80










gears for n gauge loco chassis building fine


Steam loco guard irons



Gears, click image for more.


23069 Guard irons, 6.3mm high. 1.80.






n gauge great western coach door handle


Diesel head code discs N gauge


n gauge great western injector

23841 Coach door handles. Straight, curly, T. 30 of each. 2.00.


28127 Diesel Head Code Disc. 16 in pack.  2.60.


23158 Injector, 5.3mm long. 1.80






GWR steam loco lamp irons n gauge

Southern steam loco lamp brackets n gauge

LMS steam loco lamp irons n gauge


23245 1.40

23246 1.40

23247 1.40









LMS mechanical lubricator n gauge

LNWR mechanical lubricator n gauge

n gauge great western mechanical lubricator

Mechanical lubricator n gauge

LMS smokebox lubricator n gauge

23046 Mechanical Lubricator. 2 in pack.  2.40

23075 Lubricator box for boiler side. 1 in pack. 1.80

23090 Mechanical Lubricator. 1 in pack. 1.80

23105 Mechanical lubricator. 2 in pack. 2.40

23131 Smokebox lubricator. 1 in pack. 1.80





LNER mechanical lubricator


Drip feed lubricator 4 pipe


Farish motion bracket support cast n gauge

23189 Mech lubricator.  2 in pack.  2.40

23204 Lubricator drip type, 2 pipe. 4 in pack.  1.80

23205 Lubricator drip type, 4 pipe. 4 in pack 1.80


23104 Motion support bracket. 1.40





Small motor 12volt dc

Motor sleeve 1mm to 1.5mm

Mashiba motor mount short Mashiba motor mount tall


52029 Mashima M 1015 alternative. 1.0mm shaft, 8.5mm long one side, 4mm screw side.  7.50

52039 Sleeve 1mm to 1.5mm.  1 in pack.  1.20

28262 Motor mount - short. 1.40

28263 Motor mount - tall. 1.40






Mount for curved nameplates




23250 Name plate supports 6mm, 9mm, 11mm, 2 of each.  2.20














westinghouse air pump large n gauge

Westinghouse pump small N gauge


small air reservoir 4.3mm long N gauge

Small reservoir tank N gauge

23188 Westinghouse pump 7.8mm high. 2.40

23237 Westinghouse pump 7.2mm high. 2.40


23145 4.3mm long, 2.3mm diam. 2.70.

23199 Reservoir, small.  2.8mm long, 2mm diam.  1.80.



Cab reversing lever a N gauge

cab reversing lever b N gauge

cab reversing lever c N gauge



23229 Cab reversing lever type A. 8mm high. 2.40 for 2.

23230 Cab reversing lever type B. 8mm high. 2.40 for 2.

23231 Cab reversing lever type C. 8mm high. 2.40 for 2.



Steam loco reversing lever GWR N gauge

steam loco reversing lever SR n gauge

Reversing lever with supports N gauge Southern Railway

Reversing lever and fall plate N gauge


23260 Reversing lever, GWR. 2.40 for 2

23261 Reversing lever, SR /A. 2.40 for 2.

23262 Reversing lever with supports. SR /B. 2.00 for 1

23144 Reversing lever, fall plate, bracket. 2.40


SAFETY VALVE  Height is from top of firebox to top of safety valve. Diameter is where valve sits on firebox.

n gauge great western tall safety valve top feed

n gauge Ramsbottom safety valve

n gauge secr l class safety valve

MR Johnson safety valve

n gauge lnwr safety valve coal tank

23002 3.6mm high, 4.3mm diam. 2.40

23008 4.4mm high, 5mm diam. 2.40.

23017 3.4mm high, base 5.2x2.4. 1.80.

23022 3.2mm high, 4.4mm diam. 1.80

23027 3mm high, 4.3mm diam. 1.80

ross pop safety valves on oval base n gauge

LNER J50 safety valves n gauge

ross pop safety valves on oval base n gauge

ross pop safety valves on round base n gauge

n gauge great western short safety valve top feed

23040 3.1mm high, base 3.8x0.8. 1.80.

23050 3.8mm high, base 4.1x1.4. 1.80

23055 3.4mm high, base 4.5x1.8. 1.80

23067 2.9mm high, 4.1mm diam. 1.80.

23089 3.2mm high, 3.2mm diam. 2.40.

snifter valves and safety valves n gauge

n gauge great western safety valve bonnet

GCR Safety Valve N gauge  

Ross pop safety valves on small round base n gauge

23106 1.6mm high, 1mm diam. 1.80

23118 3.8mm high, 3.7mm diam. 1.80

23119 2.9mm high, 3.7mm diam. 1.80

23121 1.6mm high, 1mm diam. 1.80

23133 3.4mm high, 2.8mm diam. 1.80.

LMS BR hex ross pop safety valves n gauge

SR LMS LNER ross pop safety valves n gauge

2 ross pop safety valves on oval base n gauge

ross pop safety valves on oval base n gauge

WD 2-8-0 safety valve in N

23146 2.2mm high, 2.3mm diam. 2.80

23147 2.1mm high, 1mm diam. tos

23154 3.5mm high, base 4.9x2.6. 1.80

23163 3.7mm high, base 4x2.1. 1.80

23186 2.1mm high, 3.5mm diam. 1.80.

Enclosed Ramsbottom Safety Valve N gauge

Tall Ross Pop Safety Valves N gauge

GWR safety valve bonnett N gaug



23225 Ramsbottom enclosed. 4.6mm high, 5mm diam. 2.40.

23226 Tall Ross Pops. 4.4mm high, 5mm diam. 1.80.

23207 Safety Valve slim.  3.6mm high, 3.8mm base.  1.80


SANDBOX  Dimensions are max length and height.

n gauge secr splasher sandbox

n gauge lnwr splasher sandbox coal tank

n gauge great western loco sandbox

n gauge sandbox lid 2 pack

n gauge sandbox lid 4 pack

23009 6.4mm long, 3.4mm high. 1 pair 2.40.

23028 7.2mm long, 3.8mm high. 1 pair  2.40

23091 2.1mm long, 4.5mm high. 1 pair 1.80

23010 0.7mm high, 1.8mm diam. 2 pk 1.60.

23018 0.7mm high, 1.8mm diam. 4 pk 2.40.





23202 1.9mm high, 1.2mm diam. 4 pack 1.80.

23203 4.2mm high, 1.3mm diam. 4 pack 1.80.

23303  Deeley tender sandbox. 3.7mm high, 2.7mm deep.  2 pack.  2.40.








small self tapping screw 1mm by 5mm

small self tapper 1mm by 5mm

self tapping screw 1.8 x 8mm

self tapping screw 1.4 x 6mm

small steel pin

50202 self tapper 1 x 3mm. 10 for 2.40

50203 self tapper 1mm x 5mm. 10 for 2.40

50204 self tapper 1.7mm x 8mm. 10 for 2.40

50205 self tapper 1.4mm x 6mm. 10 for 2.40

50209 steel pin 0.6mm x 4mm. 10 for 2.40





smokebox door N gauge

smokebox door N gauge




23308  with dog  9.7mm diam. 2.40.

23309 with dog 9.8mm diam. 2.40.




n gauge secr c class smokebox door 8mm diam

n gauge secr l class smokebox door

n gauge lnwr smokebox door coal tank

LNER J50 tank smokebox door n gauge

LNWR large steam loco smokebox door n gauge

23005 flush with dog, 8mm diam. 2.40

23014 with dog, 8.8mm diam. 2.40.

23024 for handwheel (not inc.), 8.6mm diam. 2.40

23047 with dog. 8.2mm diam. 2.40

23063 with dog, 9mm diam. 2.40

n gauge great western king smokebox door

Smokebox door 12mm diam N gauge

Smokebox door 9mm diameter N gauge

Smokebox door 8.8mm diameter N gauge

Smokebox door 7.8mm diam N gauge

23082 with dog. 9mm diam. 2.40

23102 with dog. 12mm diam. 2.40

23112 with wheel, 9mm diam. 2.40

23113 with dog, 8.7mm diam. 2.40

23129 with dog.  7.8mm diam. 2.40.

n gauge southern maunsell smokebox door 10mm

Smokebox door for N gauge 8.9mm

Smokebox door for N gauge 9.4mm

MR Deeley smokebox door N gauge


23148 with clamps. 10mm diam. 2.40.

23198 with dog. 8.9mm diam. 2.40.

23211 with dog. 9.4mm diam. 2.40.

23300 Smokebox door.  6.8mm diam. 2.40





Smoke Deflector n gauge


WD 2-8-0 smokebox saddle in N


Steam generator for LNER pacifics N gauge

23272 Smoke Deflector, 15mm long. 1pr  3.00


23183 Smokebox saddle, 8mm wide, 8mm long. 1.80


23175 Steam Generator. 4.4mm long, 1.6mm diam.  1.80.







n gauge great western king castle steam pipe

outside steam pipes n gauge

WD outside steam pipes n gauge



23087 8mm long, 1.5mm diam. 1.80

23132 5.9mm long, 1.9mm diam. 1.80

23184 5.9mm long, 1.8mm diam. 1.80



STEP  Width given is that at top of step.

smokebox door steps n gauge

LNW mid footplate step n gauge

LNW cab step n gauge


n gauge great western cab step

23070 1.2mm long, 1.3mm wide. 1.40

23071 6mm high, 2.8mm wide. 1.80.

23072 6mm high. 3.1mm wide. 1.80.

23084 1mm high, 2.6mm wide. 1.40

23092 6mm high, 4.6mm wide. 1.80

Cab step n gauge

tank front tender rear steps n gauge

ladder steps front of loco n gauge

solid steps front of footplate n gauge

cab step LMS tank n gauge

23108 5.5mm high, 3.4mm wide. 1.80

23135 1.4mm long, 1.6mm wide. 1.80.

23136 6.5mm high, 2.5mm wide. 1.80.

23137 5.9mm high, 2.5mm high. 1.80.

23138 7.5mm high, 8mm wide. 2.40.

n gauge southern maunsell smokebox step


cab tender footplate step n gauge

mid footplate step n gauge

cab tender step for footplate n gauge

23149 1.8mm long, 1.6mm wide 1.80.

23159 7.5mm high, 8mm wide. 2.40.

23164 6mm high, 3.8mm wide. 1.80.

23165 5.8mm high, 2.5mm wide. 1.80.

23190 4.7mm high, 4.5mm wide. 1.80.

mid footplate step n gauge Mid footplate step N gauge steam loco Ladder steps N gauge Loco and tender steps  

23191 4.7mm high, 3.4mm wide. 1.80.

23236 5.8mm high, 3mm wide. 1.80.

23242.Ladder Steps. 4 pair  3.00.

23255.Loco and tender steps. 4 pair  4.80.



TOOLBOX  all are 2 in a pack.

n gauge lnwr tool box

n gauge great western tool box pannier

n gauge great western tool box 3000 gallon tender

n gauge great western tool box

n gauge great western tool box 4000 gallon tender

23029 8mm long, 3mm high.  2.40

23177 5.7mm long, 3.7mm wide. 2.40

23178 Toolbox Nos. 1 & 2. 2.40

23179 5.8mm long, 2.7mm high. 2.40

23180 4.7mm high, 4.3mm high. 2.40

n gauge great western tool box 3500 gallon tender

MR tender toolbox N gauge


23181 3.3mm high, 4.4mm long. 2.40

23302 5.3mm long, 1.9mm high.  2.40









GWR boiler top feed N gauge


WD 2-8-0 top feed in N


23127 GWR Top feed.  1.5mm high, 3.4mm wide.   1.80

23176 LMS Top feed.  2.40.

23185 WD Top Feed. 2.40







universal joint for 1.5mm shaft

universal joint for 2mm shaft


28251  Universal Joint.  for 1.5mm shafts. Fixed or adjustable length. 4.40.

28253  Universal Joint for 2mm shafts. Fixed or adjustable length. 4.40.









steam loco vacuum pipes n gauge

vac pipe deep n gauge

Vac pipes slim N gauge

tall vac pipe n gauge

diesel loco vacuum pipes n gauge


23058 Vac pipes, deep. 1.80. 2 pk.

23258 Vac pipes, slim. 1.80. 2 pk.

23259 Vac pipes, tall. 1.80. 2 pk.

28126 5.5mm long. 2.00. 6 pk






snifter valve n gauge

Southern maunsell clack valves n gauge


valve gear linkage n gauge  

23106 Snifter. 1.6mm high, 1mm diam. 1.80

23153 Clack. 3.2mm high, 1.5mm diam.  2.40.


28207 Valve gear linkage, fret 50 x 24mm.  3.40.







LNWR tender vent n gauge

LNER tender vents N gauge

steam loco tender vents n gauge

steam loco tender vents n gauge


23079 3.2mm high.  1.80. 4 pk

23110 3.6mm high. 1.80. 2 pk

23187 Tender 5.6mm high, head 1.7mm diam. 1.80. 2 pk

23196 Tender 5.6mm high, head 1.9mm diam. 1.80. 2 pk


vent, valve for steam loco n gauge 1.4mm

vent, valve for steam loco n gauge 1.9mm

vent, valve for steam loco n gauge 2.4mm


23287 1.4mm head, 0.75mm shank. 2.00. 10 pk

23288 1.9mm, 1.2mm shank. 2.00. 10 pk

23289 2.4mm head, 1.6mm shank. 2.00. 10 pk








packing washer 5mm diameter

packing washer 7mm diameter


23285 0.25mm thick, 5mm diam, 1.5mm hole. 1.80

23286 0.25mm thick, 7mm diam, 1.5mm hole. 1.80








Hand wheel 2.1mm diam N gauge


Fret of assorted hand wheels, 1.9mm to 3.7mm diam

Pipe flanges etched brass N gauge


23078 2.1mm diam.  1.80.

23122 star handle, 2mm diam. 1.40

23265 1.9 to 3.7mm diam. 5.20

23266 Pipe flanges. 2 frets 2.40






hand wheel 6mm diam 10 spoke

hand wheel 3mm diam 5 spoke

n gauge bulleid bogie wheel overlay

Bulleid N gauge wheel overlay mixed traffic

n gauge bulleid driving wheel overlay Pacific

22992 Wheel lorry 6mm dia, 10 spoke. 8 in pack.  2.40

22996  5 spoke.  3mm diam x 8, 2.75mm x 16.  2.60.

52002 Bulleid wheel overlay, 5mm diam. 4 pack. 2.40.

52003 Bulleid wheel overlay, 8.6mm diam. 6 pack. 4.60.

52004 Bulleid wheel overlay, 11mm diam. 6 pack. 4.60.



Wagon wheel 5.1mm n gauge Coach wheel 6.2mm N gauge


23806 5.1mm dia disc wheel. 4 pk. 7.00

Mosskito wheel

23814 6.2mm dia disc wheel. 4 pk. 7.00

Greenwich wheel

23815 7mm dia disc wheel. 4 pk. 7.00

Greenwich wheel


Wheels are metal with a plastic bush, 15mm over pinpoints


Disc wheel 6.2mm diameter n gauge OO9 Spoked wheel 6.2mm diameter n gauge OO9 3 hole wheel 6.2mm diameter n gauge OO9 Disc wheel 7.2mm diameter n gauge OO9

23805 5.1mm diam disc. 6.50

23808 6.2mm diam disc. os

23809 6.2mm diam 8 spoke. os

23810 6.2mm diam 3 hole. 6.50

23812 7.2mm diam disc. 6.50






whistle n gauge

whistle N gauge

whistle N gauge

whistle N gauge Maunsell fountain head


23068 Whistle, 1.8mm high.  1.40.

23096 Whistle, 2.2mm high. 1.40

23107 Whistle. 1.40

23155 Whistle and fountain head.  1.40.

23161 Whistle. 1.40






whistle n gauge brass

n gauge whistle


whistle shield fall plate n gauge

Diesel wiper blades N gauge

23193 Whistle, turned brass 3.2mm high. 4.20

23314 Whistle, turned brass 2mm high. 4.20


23143 Whistle shield, 2x short, 1 x tall, plus other parts. 2.40

28128 Wiper blades for diesels.  6 pair. E/n. 3.00




handrail knobs for N gauge

hand rail wire for N gauge

hand rail jig for N gauge

D wire for N gauge

slim motor wire for N gauge

23280 Handrail knobs. 12 pack.  5.00

23281 Handrail wire. 0.25mm diam, 480mm long.  2.40

23284 Handrail jig.  7.40

23283 D wire, flat 0.5mm, 150mm long. 2.40

28261  Slim motor wire for top of Farish Poole motor.  3.80


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