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BR, LNER, J25, NER P 0-6-0 etches


J25 060 etches for 2mm



Diagram showing some of the loco parts included on the fret.  Not all parts shown are included.


J25 0-6-0, BR, LNER ex NER P class.


Introduced in 1898 to the design of Wilson Wordsley for the North Eastern Railway the J25 0-6-0 were used on freight services.  120 were built.  Many passed to the LNER and BR.  Withdrawal of the class began in 1939 and finished in 1962 with No 65726.

Kit Details

This is a selection of parts for a J25 loco and tender body.  Not all parts needed to make a loco and tender body are on the fret, some parts will need to be scratchbuilt.  No chassis parts are included e.g. wheels, motor, gears, paint and transfers.  The 2mm Association produces many parts which are suitable.

This etch has been reduced from a 4mm etch.  At stages during assembly  the builder will need to use their own solutions.  The 2mm Association has publications and articles in their magazine which may be of help.  The links below go to a pdf copy of the diagrams included with the 4mm etch and to a picture of the fret with the parts identified.


These etches are slightly large for N.  The loco footplate is 1.5ft too long and 1ft too wide.

J25 diagrams

J25 parts


28745  J25 some loco and tender body parts.  10.00.





  For chimney, dome,  buffers, etc see  All Parts

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