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C Class 0-6-0, BR, Southern and SECR




C class 0-6-0 on a Farish chassis in SECR livery,  (copyright G. Collier)

Thanks to Gareth Collier for the use of his picture.


C class 0-6-0 loco for SECR, Southern, BR and Preservation



C Class 0-6-0 locomotives were built by the South Eastern and Chatham Railway from 1900 on.  109 were built for main line goods duties.  The last loco 31592 was withdrawn in 1967 and is preserved.

During their life the locos changed little except for their liveries and the numbers they carried.   In Southern Railway days they pulled secondary passenger trains and in British Railways days Engineers trains.  They were also used on Hop Pickers specials and local passenger trains.  108 entered BR stock.


Kit Details

The C class body kit contains all the parts to build a loco and tender body.

As with all our kits, body etches are designed to reduce the number of small etched parts by providing large parts that fold up.  Boiler is a whitemetal casting, boiler fittings, chimney, dome, etc are lost wax castings, buffers are turned brass, and the kit includes handrail knobs and handrail wire.  Also included are the TMD gearbox and universal joints to modify the Farish chassis.

Body fits a Farish 4F loco and tender chassis, Poole design, (not inc).  The Farish motor is replaced with our TMD gearbox driven by a small motor in the tender (not inc).

Kit needs chassis, motor with a 1.5mm shaft,, adhesive/solder, paint and transfers to complete.


Options for C class

28601  C class 0-6-0 kit for loco and tender body.  49.50.





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