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O16.5/On30 kits

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O16.5/On30 LOCO KITS



The Eclipse Loco in O16.5

PMB&SSR Electric Loco in O16.5

Sandy River Railcar chassis for On30

7900  "The Eclipse" from Llechwedd slate quarry.  59.00

7901  PBeddgelert&SR electric loco  59.00

Sandy River Model T Ford Railcar chassis.  24.50.

Motorising pack 38.





Wickham type 17 Permanent Way Trolley

These diminutive trolleys were supplied to many railways across the world, on gauges from 2ft to 5ft 6in.  The kits can be assembled for narrow gauge and powered.

For more information on our O and O16.5 Wickham Trolleys see Locos




For 'O' OHLE.  See  OHLE

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