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PRECUSOR Models Parts N gauge

We are pleased to say we have taken over Precursor Models.  Sadly most of the tooling for the products of this early N gauge manufacturer has been lost.  A few of the products will be absorbed into the N BRASS LOCOS ranges while the remaining stock will be sold off via this web page and our exhibition stand.

Precursor Model Railway Parts.  We have stock of the following items, prices tba.

Bulleid wheel overlay




n gauge bulleid bogie wheel overlay

Bulleid N gauge wheel overlay mixed traffic

n gauge bulleid driving wheel overlay Pacific



25002 Bulleid small wheel overlay, 5mm diam. 4 pack. 2.00.

25003 Bulleid small wheel overlay, 8.6mm diam. 6 pack. 4.20.

25004 Bulleid small wheel overlay, 11mm diam. 6 pack. 4.20.



Coal Tank boiler




n gauge Coal Tank boiler and fittings





52001 Coal Tank boiler, whitemetal. 34mm long. 5.00.




gears for n gauge loco chassis building coarse





23014 Gear 64DP, XX teeth, XXmm diam, bore 1/8inch.  .


gears for n gauge loco chassis building fine





23014 Gear 100DP, XX teeth, XXmm diam, bore 1/8inch.  .






For handrail knobs, handrail wire and other general fittings.  See N BR Fittings.

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