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Precursor - we have taken over the Precursor Models Railway parts.

Coach - all N Coach and wagon parts moved to one page

FORMING GIRDER OR LEG - using Formers to make up a Portal Girder or Leg, in N, OO and O.

MODELLING FITTINGS - brief information on making register arms and support pulleys in OO and O.


More on the New 'N' Parts

22800/3 - GW Cranes and a LMS, Highland Railway Crane.

22661 - 8ft Palisade Fence for embankment slopes.

23171 - Locomotive Fire Irons.


Peckett X2 0-6-0 ST loco kit.  We have received the trial etches for this loco kit.  Next stage is to assemble the kit and write the instructions.  See our facebook page for progress.


Gallery - pictures of N BRASS kits as used by customers.


In response to requests for information on assembling N Brass kits a new page has been added to the website.  TIPS shows techniques I use to assemble N Brass kits.

Also new to the website is the page Full Size, pictures of how the prototype makes use of full size versions of N Brass Kits.


'Metro' is documenting the building of the N Brass On30 Model T Railcar on his blog.  This is the link


For information on how our kits can be assembled the following link shows how one modeller does


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